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Pulp & Paper Chemicals AKD WAX Emulsion Paper chemical sizing agent

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AKD WAX Emulsion Paper chemical sizing agent

    AKD WAX Emulsion Paper chemical sizing agent
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: CCC,CE and RoHS certificates
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Mini Order Qty: 2O'FCL/1X40HQ
Pack Details: Net 25kg bag packs with lable
Delivery Time: 5-12 days after receipt the funds

AKD WAX Emulsion Paper chemical sizing agent

AKD WAX is pale yellow waxy flake solid, it is widely used in the paper industry as sizing agent. After sizing with AKD emulsion, it can make paper less water absorbing and controls its printing properties. This ADK wax is a very ideal neutral paper sizing agent, it can be used as pulp sizing and surface sizing to make the paper have excellent water resistance. When using this ADK wax, it should be heated to melt, and then mixed with the starch emulsifying agent and protective agent, until the agent emulsify into stable latex

AKD WAX Emulsion Appearance: Pale Yellow Waxy Solid
Assay: 87% min.
Iodine Value, g I2/100g: 45 min.
Acid Value, mg KOH/g: 5.0 max.
Melting Point, C: 48-50 min.
Physical State: Flakes

AKD WAX Emulsion Application:

This AKD wax is suit for the all kinds of cultural paper, paperboard, newsprint paper, board, fruit bag paper and wrapping paper that made by wood pulp, reed pulp, AOCC etc. it available in a wide PH value (7-9), the optimum condition of manufacture is PH (7.5-8.5), it padding with calcium carbonate which can replace the traditional acid rosin sizing and AKD neutral sizing, this is a revolution for the current AKD neutral sizing.

AKD WAX Emulsion Package:
25Kg/500kg net weight in plastic woven bags

Alkyl Ketene Dimer AKD Emulsion

We completely how to work out the high quality of AKD Wax with more than 15years professional manufacture experience.

1) To avoid the hydrolysis, we have our own method to suitable the long time sea-transport.

2) Not only high purity Stearic Acid as its raw material, but we can deduct the toluene after reaction. So, cargo can be used on food paper and pharmecutical paper, still keep its high purity.

3) Sincerely believe we are most experied and serious manufacturer of AKD Wax in China.not only supply you the AKD Wax, but also guide you how to work out the best AKD Emulsion and do the sizing better.

4) Purity can be 92%min with the highest in China.Melting point 47C min,

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