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Aspartame food grade/aspartame powder

    Aspartame food grade/aspartame powder
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: CCC,CE and RoHS certificates
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Mini Order Qty: 2O'FCL/1X40HQ
Pack Details: Net 25kg bag packs with lable
Delivery Time: 5-12 days after receipt the funds

Aspartame food grade/aspartame powder

Aspartame is the series derivative of L-Aspartic acid. It is the dipeptide compound of L-Aspartaic acid and phenylalanine. It’s the big raw material of sweetener-neotame in the world with the character of good flavor and high sweetness. Sweetness is 200 times of sugar. There is no decayed tooth, no fatness, no high blood pressure and no coronary disease if we eat it usually. It’s affirmed as A (1) grade sweetness by World Health Organization and United Nation Food Agriculture Organization and has been used in one hundred and thirty countries and regions around the world. It is also popularly used in sodas, drink with fruit meat, instant coffee, sugar and flavoring material. It can be added in sweet food directly instead of sucrose, especially suit for the patients of diabetes mellitus and fatness diseases. Coca Cola of the USA is one of the main purchasers of Aspartame.

White crystalline powder odorless with strong sweet taste, its dilute solution is approximately 200 times sweeter than sugar, having a taste closely similar to that of cane sugar possessing a clean sweet taste of sugar without any bitter or metallic taste.

Packaging & Delivery:Packaging Detail: Packing : 25KG net inCardboard Drum with inner PE bag.
Delivery Detail: Within 15 days after confirmed the order

Specifications:Aspartame is a new-style intense sweetener of amino acid,with strong sweet taste and 180 times sweeter than sucrose.

Standard: FCCIV, 1996

1) Appearance : White crystalline powder
2) Assay (As C14H18N2O5): 98.0% ~ 102.0%
3) 5-Benzyl-3,6-Dioxo-2-PiperazineaceticAcid: 1.5%Max
4) Specification Optical Rotation: +14.5 o~+16.5o
5) Heavy Metals(As Pb) : 10mg/kg Max
7) Residue on ignition : 0.2% Max
8) Loss on Drying: 4.5% Max
9) other Related Substances: 2.0% Max
10)Transmittance: 0.95 Min

Other Names: L-Aspartyl-L-phenylalanine methyl …

CAS No.: 22839-47-0

EINECS No.: 245-261-3

MF: C14H18N2O5

Chemical name aspartame
Molecular weight 294.3
Delivery Term AS requirement
Delivery Time Within 15 Days
Quality Assurance Pure, natural and reliable


Appearance White crystalline Powder or Granular
Sweetness 200 times sweeter than Sucrose.
Standard FCCV/ USP30/ NF-25/E951/GB
Low calorie Aspartame may contribute significantly to lower cost of food products, when replacing Sucrose.
Suitable for diabetics Aspartame may be freely used by diabetics
Flavor- enhancing Aspartame may boost flavor impact in certain applications

Uses : Aspartame is anew-style intense sweetener of amino acid. It is a dipeptide compound made fromL-aspartic acid and L-phenylalanine. It has no after taste such as bitter,chemical and metal taste. Aspartame can enhance the flavor of fruit and reducethe bitterness of coffee. Furthermore, aspartame can decrease calorieseffectively, and it will not cause decayed tooth. Aspartame has the samemetabolic function as protein.
Aspartame has many advantages such as good flavor, intense sweetness, lowcalories and high safety. It is widely used in carbonated beverage, jam,instant coffee, frozen milk products, chewing gum, sweetmeat, salad dressing.Aspartame also can be made into different forms, such as granule, troche,powder or liquor.??and added as the substitution of saccharose into normalsweetmeats which adapt to diabetes and adiposis sufferers.

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