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Food & Feed Ingredients Vitamins Why so many customers purchase vitamin b6 hcl 99%,VB6 (CAS:58-56-0)

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Why so many customers purchase vitamin b6 hcl 99%,VB6 (CAS:58-56-0)

    Why so many customers purchase vitamin b6 hcl 99%,VB6 (CAS:58-56-0)
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: CCC,CE and RoHS certificates
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Mini Order Qty: 2O'FCL/1X40HQ
Pack Details: Net 25kg bag packs with lable
Delivery Time: 5-12 days after receipt the funds

Why so many customers purchase vitamin b6 hcl 99%,VB6 (CAS:58-56-0)

Vitamin B6(also known as Pyridoxine hydrochloride) is involved in most bodily functions.Vitamin B6 affects both mental and physical health.This vitamin is required for the production of hydrochloric acid(digestion) and aids in the body’s absorption of fats and protein.Additionally,Vitamin B6 balances sodium and potassium levels and promotes the formation of red blood cells.Further,vitamin B6 works to prevent arterioselerosis, and is important to cancer immunity.

Vitamin B6 also hinders the formation of homocysteine,a toxin known to affect heart musele and influences cholesterol to deposit in heart musele.Vitamin B6 is given to patients who overdose on Isoniazid (a drug used to treat Tuberculosis) and to treat nervous system disorders and anemin associated with use of this drug.
Vitamin B6 plays a major role in making proteins,hormones,and neurotransmitters(chemicals that carry eignale between nerve cells).There’s good evidence that adequate intake of vitamin B6 can help prevent heart disease and reduce the nausea of morning sickness.Even the effects of premenstrual syndrome(PMS) can be reduced because pyridoxine acts as a mild diuretic to reduce swelling.

The vitamin B6 antagonist deoxypyridoxine produces seborrheic dermatosis,glossitis,cheilosis,peripheral neuropathy,andlymphopenia.Vitamin B6 deficiency can cause convulsions in infants and anemia in adults(usually normocytic but occasionally microcytic).The symptoms of vitamin B6 deficiency include depression,confusion,chapped lips,mouth sores,and acne,inflammation of the mouth and gums,and irritability.Since this vtamin is water-soluble and not stored in the body,it is important an adequate amount is either consurned through food or supplements.

CAS No.: 65-23-6
Other Names:vitamin B6
EINECS No.:200-603-0
Type:Vitamins, Amino Acids and Coenzymes
Grade Standard:Food Grade, Medicine Grade
color:White crystalline powder
Molecular weigh:169.18
Molecular formula:C8H11NO3
Boiling point:676.3°C at 760 mmHg
Melting point:159-162℃
Vapour Pressur:3.26E-19mmHg at 25°C

Why do so many customers purchase Pyridoxine(VB6)?

vitamin B6 Clinic use:
(1) Treatment of congenital hyofunction of metabolism;
(2) Prevent and treat vitamin B6 deficiency;
(3) Supplement to patients who need to consume more vitamin B6;

vitamin B6 Non-medical use:
(1) One of the indispensable ingredients of mixed feed, promotes growth and development of immature animals;
(2) Additive of food and beverage, reinforces nutrition;
(3) Additive of cosmetics, promotes growth of hair and protects the skin;
(4) Culture medium of plants, promotes growth of plants;
(5) For treatment of surfaces of polycaprolactam products, enhances the thermal stability

vitamin b6
Deliver time:Within 3 days
Package:Sealed export grade drum & double of sealed plastic bag
Storage:Store in cool & dry place not freeze., keep away from strong light and heat

 vitamin B6,VB6,Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine HCl,vitamin b6 hcl 99%

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